Dirksen Basement Garage Repairs

Feb 1, 2023

This project includes repairs to the existing pedestrian tunnel expansion joints located at the intersection of the Dirksen Courthouse foundation and the CTA Pedestrian Tunnel. Work includes the demolition, waterproofing, and repouring of the concrete slab at the CTA Pedestrian Tunnel. In addition, Accel will be cleaning and making all necessary repairs to the spalled and deteriorated concrete at the ceiling of the Dirksen Basement Garage. All existing fire sprinkler system and other storm piping will be capped and removed. After installation of the new metal roof over the parking garage, the new fire suppression piping will be installed. The new metal roof will be connected to the existing storm piping hubs in the Dirksen Parking Garage. All repairs require coordination with CTA for tunnel access, security, and safety clearances.




General Services Administration


Dirksen Federal Building, Chicago, IL


$1.8 M