NAVFAC Harden Fence Repairs

Nov 7, 2022

This project included several different scopes of work to bring existing substandard perimeter security at Naval Station Great Lakes up to current standards. Work included the demolition of existing substandard fencing and the installation of new 7+1 chain link fence at 6 locations totaling approximately 3,500 lineal feet. This work also included the replacement of one crash reinforced gate. The contract also included the installation of a K4 Department of State (DoS) rated passive vehicle barrier system with a L2 maximum penetration allowance. This occurred at 16 locations totaling approximately 12,000 lineal feet. To achieve this a, a propriety system was developed using steel, concrete, and cable that when used in conjunction with one another a DoS K4/L2 rated system was achieved. Additionally, the contract also required the use of approximately 75 K4 rated bollards and a K4 rated crash arm.




Naval Facilities Engineering Command


Naval Station Great Lakes, IL


$5.5 MM