TP #34 LCE Fixed Walkways & Passenger Boarding Bridges

Jun 19, 2023

This project is a multi-phased project that includes the decommissioning of six active gates at Lower Concourse C at O’Hare International Airport. Work includes the removal of the current Passenger Board Bridge (PBB) and the modification and addition of multiple Fixed Walkway Bridges (FLBs) to extend the location of the airport gate for future work. Modifications to existing FLBs take place at an off-site location on the airfield property. Work includes creating new openings, closing off existing openings, modifications to the existing structure leg supports, and creating new connection points between the various gates. The work is taking place on the active airfield and will occur during normal working hours and off-hours. The scope of work also includes new concrete foundations for the steel supports on the FLBs, new electrical power connections to the FLBs and the PBBs. In addition, we are providing six (6) new Air Handling Units (AHUs) and reinstalling 28 refurbished AHUs, including new thermostats, within the FLBs to provide air within the walkways.




Turner Paschen Aviation Partners


O’Hare International Airport, Lower Concourse C